Cannot log in on 8.5

I have Windows 10, WLM 8.5 worked perfectly until today an error appeared with the code 80048821 and i cannot login, it’s an Escargot server problem?

PD: i tried to disable SSL 3.0 and enable TLS 1.0, didn’t work
Edit: Actually, no version of WLM works.

uh, anyone?

thanks for replying :angry:

jeez dude, we don’t immediately reply. hell, some posts like this don’t get replied.

what do you get when you go to

Sorry for that, I was angry about other things.
In IE I have an error with the code of “inet_e_resource_not_found”
I was thinking about it is for something when I had previously installed Messenger 2009 to try to make a server …
… and I think I didn’t uninstall it properly

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did you edit your HOSTS file?

um, yes.

I did it when I tried to make that server

that would be it, then. please follow these instructions.

Wow, it worked, thank you.