Can we call on WLM 2009 now?

WLM 2009 said “Calling USERNAME HERE” instead of “Messenger is not available right now” when trying to call

Yes it works for me i tested it its few days ago

You probably port forwarded, as well as who you were calling, so nothing has changed it seems, since i still get messenger is not available

Well I didn’t port forward anything, not even my friend

Well then i guess its UPnP (if that works) or something like that

well my router does have an option for MSN in its Application Layer Gateway settings but i cant enable it

no, it still has the same issues as before

Then I don’t know what is going on

Out of curiosity, which router type and model is it?

But any MSN ALG is going to be for versions prior to 4. After that, Messenger switched to UPnP and there was no use for an ALG, and it won’t do anything.

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i cant find the exact model but i know its an Asus router