Can somebody explain how to make a server?

Hi, im been trying to make a server with the files provided in
However, i found guide completely useless.
Not only because ive read in this forum users complaining that the guide actually lacks a lot of extra steps that are not mention, but also the stuff that is written is so confusing and cryptic.

So thats why im creating this question. Can anybody kind enough put aside their “badass knowitall ego” and create a detailed guide on how to do the server for absolute new comers to this theme? I just want to learn something new and im sure lots of people here could appreciate it as well.
Im a person whos life philosophy is to help others and share as much knowledge as i can with people. Thats why i have my own youtube channel exposing tutorials of diverse subjects, mostly video game server tutorials, a discord channel to talk about issues people may encounter and a webpage. Never asking for anything in return, and actually spending my money on the production of my videos and my webpage maintenance costs.

And please, if you waste your time responding “read the again” “dont be lazy and use google”, ive already done that. Its hard to solve something if you have no idea where to start. So please help.

Thank you.

I know you would like to make a server but why not use the one that is already in place?

Just because i want to learn how to create it. And test it. Its not like im going to create a parallel escargot server and compete with the escargot server and steal users. Im not going to do that, and i dont have the time or will to keep a pc up indefinitely. Im a curious person.