Can I still use MSN Messenger for Pocket PC?

As someone who grew up seeing MSN Messenger in Windows XP, but never thought to sign up until it was too late, I was pleasantly surprised to discover escargot earlier today. My question is, can I modify MSN Messenger for Windows Mobile 2003SE on my Dell Axim X30 to work with the new server? I really want to get the most out of my Pocket PC in 2018 and MSN Messenger would be really nice to have on there. Thanks.

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I think not. Pretty sure it used XMPP or smth.

The Pocket PC versions did use MSNP, but it does have trouble authenticating.

Does that mean it is possible? If so, what would I need to modify?

Most likely find a way to get the proper HTTPS ciphers on CE. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s not that

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the ppc binarys depend on msnp 8, aka the tweener auth method

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Oh yeah. I forgot the tale of why @valtron screwed with the casing of the PassportURLs: string used in Tweener auth. Apparently it looked “more easy on the eyes” to him or something. Since the CE version still has the original PassportURLs: string instead of Passporturls:, and apparently it isn’t in the binary, it’s near impossible to get the CE version to work at this state unless someone knows how to modify strings in ARM-based executables, the architecture that Windows CE seems to mainly carry.

Well, I could change the Passporturls: string’s casing back to the original in the server’s code and hopefully after the Yahoo! frontend’s finished and finalized the changes would go live, but since the patched binaries for MSN 5.0 - 6.2 already have the unnecessary butchering of that string, I guess we can’t go back now. :confused:

can’t we just tell PassportURLs to just be the exact same as Passporturls (Symbolic Linking anyone?)

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It’s the name of a HTTP header variable that holds the URL MSN redirects to in order to authenticate, so it’s case-sensitive.

anyway to somehow redirect that in anyway or no?

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No LOL. You can’t do that with HTTP header names.

just changing it would need…
image (since 5.x)

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Basically what I’m worried about with reverting this very dumb modification.

Also the same deal with “The Patchening” if I can even get anywhere with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

although pocket pc 2003 SE’s messenger has the same registry as messenger 4.x, im not sure if it’s really the thing if it’s still using MSNP8-TWN as told in my pocket pc page

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