Can i be a regular

I really love messengergeek but i couldn’t be active because of exams.
I will try to be active so this is why it even want to be a regular

Oh i have one more exam
Thx everyone for their responses

its not about asking to be a regular god damn it

Is it enough?

You actually be active to get it. You don’t just ask for it. Once you’re active enough, then it should be automatically assigned to you.


Speaking about that, I just noticed that I lost it. So yes, you can lose it if you don’t stay active, so make sure to be!

I didn’t even know there are “levels” here :open_mouth:

And why do you wanna be a regular? Now seriously

He is right. The only noteworthy benefit you recieve is access to a channel that has next to no activity.

to be a regular you must first be a regular


and you can rename titles! :slight_smile:

wait what why do you need to rename titles of someone else’s post if it’s correct?