Butterfly Spaces is shutting down


As weird as it is right after we unveiled our rebrand, me and Michael have agreed that Spaces isn’t viable in any way whatsoever at this point, and it’ll be shut down on May 11th at 12 PM UTC May 10th at 12 AM UTC time. Before the shutdown, no new user accounts or blogs are accepted at this time, and plans for the “new Spaces” have been indefinitely halted. In the meanwhile, you can export your Spaces (blogs) by following these steps in our blog post here.

It’s been fun for me and Michael to operate and maintain the site while it lasted for the two years it has existed, and it’s a bit disappointing we have to close it. But considering that Spaces has no active userbase or interest anymore, especially since the unlinking from Escargot as it becomes more generic in nature, and trying to do anything to it wouldn’t better the state of the site, we’ve decided that shutting down Spaces would be the best option. Have a good one! :slight_smile:

Escargot Spaces is now Butterfly Spaces



Ah, bit of a pity, that. I was hoping a small blog service like this would turn into something bigger, but I guess not. Maybe in the future you could try reopening it if Escargot goes up in popularity?


It’s been a great two years and I’ve enjoyed making this platform from the beginning. I know it’s sad to see it go, but we’ve had fun while it lasted. Thanks for using Spaces. :slight_smile:




No problem. I’m making a WARC copy of the whole site itself before it’s too late. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does this mean groups and Escargot itself is going to die too? No! Please! Please don’t die! Don’t die!


Oh, no. Butterfly Spaces is completely separate from Escargot (it always has been), and Escargot itself won’t go away. Also, Butterfly Spaces’s groups has nothing to do with the MSN group chats, so those won’t go away too.




Small, but big update. The shutdown date’s been moved to today at 12 AM UTC time.


that means it’s only up for another hour and a half where i live


Same opinion as @seeyouinhellboys!


Spaces is now shut down. It’s been a good two years everyone. :smiley:



Ironically, I made up my mind to create my blog 10 minutes ago, before finding out it was down :frowning:
Thank you anyway, that was a great part of this whole wonderful project.

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