Butterfly Oopsie (Help!)


Hi, Jonathan.

I–one time–set my status to “Away.” In the box below my user name I typed “BRB.” Well, that silly “BRB” is always there now! If I sign on and change my status, it’ll go away…and come right back if I (a) change my status or (b) sign out and sign in again.

I’ve nosed about the Butterfly files to see what I need to change, and haven’t found it. Should I re-install it, or can you point me in the right direction, please?

(You are so kind and generous to do all this for us. Thank you for that.)



Greetings Edie

As you probably figured out already, this is the personal status message (PSM) field. This appears to be a bug in Butterfly as it doesn’t appear to save empty PSMs.

As a workaround to accomplish this until this is fixed, sign into Butterfly again and remove the text in the PSM field, then click on the text field with your name above to make sure it’s sent to the Messenger server. I’d wait about 30 seconds to make sure the server has received the new empty PSM and then sign out.

Next, press Windows KeyR (Windows Key-R) on the keyboard to bring up the Run box.

Then copy and paste the corresponding text to your version of Windows into the Run box and choose the OK button. If you do not know what version of Windows you’re using, just try both options separately.

For Windows XP

%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Butterfly Messenger

For Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

%localappdata%\Butterfly Messenger

Once the folder opens, delete the .mcl files contained in this folder. You can keep settings.mcl though as the PSM isn’t stored in that one.

Sign into Butterfly again and the PSM should be removed as it’s no longer stored on the server or in the Butterfly files.


Oh…I forgot to look there. Anyway, thanks so much.