Butterfly Messenger needs a notifier & a few more things


When I 1st downloaded my Butterfly Messenger last Fri., I noticed it’s got less features than Windows Live. It doesn’t even feel like Windows Live. :unamused: Now I want the program 2 get the followin’ things: Contact status notification feature, new message notification feature dependin’ on how many new messages we get on our Outlook inboxes, sound & sound options, & contact personalization options ( esp. changin’ contact status notification sounds ).

Whoever’s makin’ the program, I wanna tell them I want my Butterfly Messenger 2 get the followin’ as I said above. If Jonathan’s 1 of them makin’ the program, that’d be awesome.

I hope any of U is thinkin’ the same thing &/or feel the same way.

Windows Live Essentials 2009 (14.0.8117.416) ENG Offline Installer Link

I hope Jonathan’s right.


Also, can somebody make a notifier 4 Butterfly Messenger?

Here’s an example of wut I mean: http://live-notifier.it.uptodown.com/

Feel free 2 try a download. :wink: Also, can somebody edit this notifier ( in the followin’ link above ) so it supports Butterfly Messenger?