Bought DSi & some other stuff

Well, recently Mano Jobs did the DSi giveaway, and i lost

So i’ve decided to just buy the DSi already amd end this shit

I also bought some other stuff

Unboxing is coming soon on my YT channel!

i have a dsi too. do you plan on modding it?

no surprise here

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No, but i can use Wiimmfi so we can play MKDS togheder

And amazoop cancelled my order for no damn reason

Yea, bots are dumb

go ddos them


i really would recommend modding it. i bought one to mod and install dsiware on and it’s really fun. it can even play retail and japanese games

This video RUINED my wanting to get CFW on it

Honestly i’ll just keep my DSi vanilla if i get it.

Plus, i can also get an R4 or whatever Flashcard and play the games on it fine

that video requires that you have sudoku on the dsi. most sellers format the console before selling it so you won’t be able to do that. you can install retail games to the system menu with cfw

there is now Memory Pit, that uses DSi Camera, just use it instead

Man, i think ur REALLY otdated to DSi Modding

and i think you don’t even have a dsi yet

i had