Bought a Raspberry Pi & Doing an arcade cabinet with it

Well, i just bought an Raspberry Pi 4, bcuz i wanted to do an arcade cabinet some years ago, but now i finally decided to do it

Well it’s still not here, but when it comes here i will send pics here

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Good luck with it! I’d imagine setting up an entire arcade cab would be a massive pain in the ass.


You shall die /s

games like Centipede or Tempest would require a trackball or spinner respectively, so keep that in mind

you have no idea…


I know, but i will also get it tho, for segasonic

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Heres the proof i really bought it

Plus, IL do one of the projects with it (yes i know that video is outdated)

Or an arcade cabinet

Which one is better?

  • PiSation
  • PSPi
  • Arcade Cabinet

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K, everyone voted Arcade Cabinet, IL do it soon

Good lucky sanic, maybe you’ll need…