Blast From The Past


Yeah, not good for anyone who thinks that vomiting clear liquids is disturbing in the slightest. :stuck_out_tongue:


He was the person who made Pepsi bring back crystal pepsi. He drank 5 different colored milks through his nose then vomited on a picture of a painted can of crystal Pepsi. When he vomited it came out in a rainbow sequence.




That’s gross… and daring. :stuck_out_tongue:




Mine tasted like rubbing alcohol and ginger ale combined it was strong


That tastes like a disgusting and lethal alcoholic drink. :wink:


Yep and it had a little bit of a original Pepsi taste


I’m sure it didn’t taste like that because it was expired, right? I always heard they tasted the same as regular Pepsi.


It was supposed to be like a sweetened sprite drink with the lemon lime flavour that is what they said it tasted like


the whole taste for me was like a 4.5/10


I bought this on ebay


I also bought a bottle of the “revived” Crystal Pepsi when it showed up at the grocery store last summer, and did enjoy it, but never felt compelled enough to get another before it disappeared again. I had liked it as a kid during the original era in the 90s, and it did seem to be the same from what I remembered.

However, my personal favourite was Pepsi Blue. Just recently, I reclaimed one of my old forgotten unopened Pepsi Blue bottles when my parents cleared out an old storage space, so here is my contribution:

Expiry date is missing or faded, but I would imagine it would be late 2004 or 2005. No, I will not be drinking it :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently Pepsi Blue is still available in the Philippines (trivia: the former home of MSN Messenger e-mail support), but Mountain Dew Voltage is pretty similar and I treat myself to that every so often. I had a bottle of Voltage the night Microsoft’s Messenger servers went dark last May :smile:

Another Photoshop fart involving TReKiE

A celebratory toast to a not-so celebratory day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also why would your parents store a soda of all things in a STORAGE SPACE? :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw the Pepsi blue philippines edition on eBay for very cheap like 7$ but I don’t wanna wait 2 months to get my item


That’s SUCH A NICE shade of blue :slight_smile:


(90’s or early 2000’s is when it would’ve expired)


uh i would expected 2 years or 1, so around 1994 or 1995 if it was produced in 1993.


drinking expired drinks is fun :stuck_out_tongue: