Beta versions and get friends

Where i can find beta versions like Windows Live Messenger 2009? (It’s my first time on this page and i use wlm 8.5)

you should wait cause messenger 2009 will supported soon

ok thanks! :wink: and i am a romanian

and i am hungarian. next to you.

Well, there’s the archive of all MSN clients in all languages at:

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Lol, nice avatar. Do you use Windows 7?
(also from that MSN client folder there’s only a couple Romanian versions)

i have a asus laptop that ONLY support windows 10 but i hacked it and i have windows 8.1 and 10.
i use 8.1 right now (avatar from windows vista start button) :slight_smile:

I have a question! When Escargot will add an custom option “add custom tabs”?
(i am really sure that will be great)

For what it is worth, I run Windows 7.


example: see ur gmail account , add a server status or somethig like that. :wink:

guys if u want to add me on windows live messenger my email is (i like anime and windows vista) or if you want to add you give me your email

There are two romanian versions on escargot

There’s five in the MSN client zip.