Beta Testing & possible Raspberry Pi hacking/modding?

Hi, I’m new and I was wondering if there is a way to possibly do beta or alpha testing for newer MSN/WLM programs/patches to give feedback about bugs and support logs to the developers @valtron @TReKiE and others which I can’t remember off the top of my head. I also have a Raspberry Pi 3 laying around and I’m wondering if I could use it to help out I some way, like make an MSN test server or something that could help the team develop certain things or something? I sadly don’t know any programming languages but I can understand certain functions and code lines thanks to my High School Computer Sci. class. As of right now we’re slowly learning coding and cybersecurity at our High School thanks to CodeHS, and I’m gonna be attending a Board Conference to help maybe convince the School Board to keep supporting us and to make a second computer Sci. class which would learn the Python language and maybe C++ and also invest in Raspberry Pi’s to use to learn and code (might try and make a Pi Cluster) and I think it’d be cool to get some of my friends to help with newer versions in our free time. Anyways hopefully some people understand what I’m kinda talking about with Raspberry Pi’s and I’d like to learn more about the MSN community and Escargot’s development over time.

P.s. sorry about the wall of text :pensive:, i get carried away sometimes.

Yeah, I was looking at that yesterday and I sadly don’t want to install it on my windows computer, but like stated in the title, would this be possible on a Raspberry Pi. I want to know if it’s possible because I’m currently having issues with my main pc and I’m typing to you from my school’s Chromebook (<-ew) which they assigned to each student to use, I do have a windows laptop at home but I don’t want to mess it up by messing up a step. I’ll have my main pc backup in no time, so I could do it on there at some point, but it’s my gaming pc and I don’t want to possibly screw up a certain file which would turn my pc into a vegetable, but I don’t think that’ll ever happen. I’m wanting to put it on a Raspberry Pi because it can be used as a terminal or whatever you want it to be, and it runs Debian or ubuntu mate, etc.; which are lightweight. Their version of Debian called “Noobs” already comes pre-installed with pythons 6 I think, but I’ll check later today, and also comes with a lot of other programming software as well. IDK if my writing is understandable, but hopefully you understand.