BANNED! need unban

i want to be unbanned to see the updates

who banned me?
will unban me or else…

How did you get banned in the first place

i dont know :expressionless:

In discord grop is hell

this isn’t the forum to be complaining about it on

me too

i got banned for spamming bruh

Me banned tooo! Please escargot unban me!! I learned my lesson!!!

i’m banned too for telling the truth xD

ikr, me too
I JUST SAID “123456789 is the best!” dont ask me why

i got banned for saying “happy halloween” on the 31st of october

dear banners
who the fuck wants to be banned?
this is just unfair if you have any
reasons just reply here

sincely zzxtheneptune

@PPCB @OhHelloThereImTheGuy those are the only admins i remember seeing in escargot server

also im gonna post this thread to the nina board

IIRC you we’re banned for spamming.

they both left MG though, idk if PPCB left, but i know walkingphasers left.

dammit it requires admins to approve my registration

since kirk knows me, prob gonna deny

send them this thread in the server

you spammed the living shit out of xpusers dm’s though

n word lol