Balazs's MSN Love! Program


i said i stopped developing of msn love.



can i make a little site for it?


ha nagyon akarod


de windows live stílusban csináld ne azon a retros stíluson


As I said, you might consider winks and emoticons first. :slight_smile:


@Balazs_V tudom hogy nem windows live stílusban van de ha akarod tovább fejlesztheted

ha akarod elküldöm pm-ben (a kódot)


What’s with the weird text effects on the near-readable HTML? :confused:


i put it for some kind of censoring :stuck_out_tongue:


Why would you want to censor source code that could also be viewed by looking at the public site’s source on your browser? It just doesn’t make sense.


yeah its easy to view it like this ;-;


ne folytasd mert nem ilyen weboldal lenne a cél. Olyan weboldal kéne ahol már neten le lehet tölteni a scripteket és egyszerű feltöltés gombbal fel tölthetem a scripteket. Weboldal PHP, jQuerry és PHP-en írodna.

MSN Love! official site

ha akarod akkor max changelogba csinálhatod


i will fix the msn 4.7 patcher and ill ad spotifinger


add spotinger*


Messenger Love! doesnt launch on Windows XP :stuck_out_tongue:


What kind of error?


Possibly an .Net error.


MSN Love runs on .NET 4.0

Probably you did not installed it yet.


Yes i know tha :slight_smile:

I have i installed it 2 weeks ago

Well @icanttellyou there was no errors showing up i just clicked on the icon then it says do you want to run this uknown publisher i clicked yes then nothing hapened


New update is avilable.

MSN Love! official site