Balazs's MSN Love! Program


I said on my last post, ill discontinue the developing of program. For some reasons. No time, no help, it is not worth it, and i am so booring this, I help for others but if I need help then everybody scolding me. Like i so wanted use WLM 2009 in local server but i am suck man cause i cant programming in python… The main problem is the last one and i have not got stable storage server. Anyways lets step more.

I have decided i publish the my unfinished MSN Love! program for everyone to use because I had got 42+ vote. This program is an all in one program. Every functions in 1 to modding your MSN. Like download instantly background, themes, winks, scripts, games, escargot extras and etc… You do not need visit and search many websites just open the MSN Love then click and use!. In this program works as automatically. Click and installed! Good is this, isnt it? :slight_smile:

What i wanted to put in it for next versions:

  • Winks
  • Themes
  • More scripts
  • MSN Plus Games
  • Fully remaded MSN Plus Live script collection
  • And lot of more…

Download the application:!.exe
Maybe your antivirus/Smart Screen hates the MSN Love you must disable that.
NOTICE: You may run as administrator (right click on application’s name after run as administrator)

It will be open-source? At the moment not very.

You can watch easily the cangelog:

400+ Scripts for MSN Plus!
Messenger Plus for WLM 2009 (Archived for convinience for when WLM 2009 finally works with Escargot)
Source Code of Balazs's MSN Love!

Anyways thanks for testing @Tasos_Anas


my pleasure bro :smiley: keep up :slight_smile:




Why don’t make it Open Source, so everyone can modify it, or finish.


I do not really wanna yet. The reason is Security issues.


What kind of security issues are you facing when you make it open-source?


The program built in VB.NET so easily can modify the program and compile. probability is so big to modify to a virus program. Other question. Why do you wanna set msn love to be open source if maybe 11 person use the program of 114?


What asshole will make ur program to a virus?


who not


An update avilable
Look the changelog.


Dude, nobody’s gonna make Messenger Love into a virus, stop being paranoid.


If you all wanna help me please search winks, themes and backgrounds


khm khm image

#15 (167.8 KB)

pass: balazs_v


Köszi a segítséged! :slight_smile: :heart:


I wanna make an auto patcher for wlm 2009 local server installation but nobody helped me :confused:


MSN Love! needs a website


i wrote something in the topic