Ask me anything - yellows111 edition

ok its time to rally up for the octaannual yellow:ama i guess
so got a problem
want to complain
line up here and i’ll try to answer

How your bot works?

(So, after trying your bot for a few days. I think it’s ok to be fair to try… Keep going!)

iboohbah g3 with bible analyzer
how holy is this

It’s internally just Windows Live Messenger 8.5 on my main Windows 10 PC with the YellowBot for Messenger Plus! Script.

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It means … using just Messenger Plus! for running the bot with script?

basically, not having a bot api means i really cant do anything with it except using Plus! functions i’m aware of.

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What are your computer specs?

where did you get your profile pic from?

why the name yellows111?

— start of round 2 —
Windows 10 Home 1803
Intel i7-3770 @ 3.40GHz
12 GB DDR2/3 RAM

it’s from an old picture of my bed.

i think i needed a name that wasnt 4 characters at the time and if i remember i liked yellow at the time, so yellows, the 111 part i don’t know even to this day.

sidefact, you say it as yellows, and then one one one

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what’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

— Intermission Question —
It could be 42. :stuck_out_tongue:

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fuck sake im still a small potato-


3rd gen i7

lol noob

well, at least its not a 2nd gen i5.

no harm intended for people with 2nd gen i5’s still

i have an core 2 duo on my laptop
and i have an core i3 2nd gen on a computer that i use but thats not mine

to be fair yellows has the advantage of being able to run vista natively

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to be fair i can also run vista on my laptop natively and i do have an legit vista key but its an OEM home premium one