Article 13 Passed

Yes… very bad news I know.

I wanted to create this thread just to inform that this is not the end, thereis still hope,
since the EU members will now have the choice of what the texts will do.

Or just use a VPN

Canada here i come! :stuck_out_tongue:

AND Article 11 !!! There’s going to be some big changes now. Watch this space.

NordVPN time :stuck_out_tongue:

Until they ban VPN. :grinning:

Article 13 passed? Ack.

Also, just because A13 passed doesn’t mean it’ll be enforced yet. I think I heard someone say that it’ll take a year or 2 for Article 13 to be enforced.

i swear i will toss the salad of the next breathing incel to dare exclaim article 13

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EU is weird, its nice but it has some stupid laws and stuff that restrict the freedom of their citizens.

At least the UK doesn’t have to worry. They ain’t even a part of the EU in the first place :stuck_out_tongue: