Apple Rants About Obscure Songs By A Punk Band You Might've Heard Of

Now, if you’re a standard par Dead Kennedys fan, you might think that by obscure I’m talking about tracks like Man With The Dogs or The Prey that were only released on singles or the Give Me Convenience…compilation album. Unfortunately, this is not my definition of obscure, because those are high quality studio recordings.

Oh, you might say, “What about Short Songs or Straight As that were only released on Give Me Convenience/Live From The Deaf Club?” Unfortunately, this still isn’t my definition of obscure, because aside from having been released on the DK’s best known compilation album they’re still high quality live recordings.

If you’re a high IQ who thinks that Rawhide is their best song, you might think I’m referring to tracks like Back In Rhodesia, which was an earlier version of When Ya Get Drafted with alternate lyrics. Unfortunately, this still isn’t my definition of obscure, mainly because high quality recordings exist.

Now, if you’re one of those big brain folks who think that Frankenchrist is their best album and that Klaus was the backbone of the band (WHICH HE WAS), you might think I’m talking about tracks like Kepone Kids or Cold Fish. Those are low quality and were never on an official album (nevermind Kepone Kids being worked into Kepone Factory), so surely that’s obscure enough, yeah?


Those tracks were on the Iguana Studios Rehearsal Tape. Considering how that was released as an album, this isn’t precisely obscure since you can listen to the tracks on YouTube.

Now, you might think that since I mentioned Straight A’s earlier, I don’t know about the obscure demo of it, which wasn’t even released on bootlegs I know of nor the ISRT. Considering how I brought this up, this obviously isn’t the case.

So what is obscure?

Introducing You’re So Cold, an untitled jam, and Carlo’s Intro (instrumental). Although the bassline of You’re So Cold was eventually reworked into the track Saturday Night Holocaust, none of the other tracks were released.

That is what I mean by obscure.

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jello biafra has never done anything worthwhile imo, except with the melvins

also isn’t it a bit weird to class the dead kennedys as a “punk band you’ve never heard of”

yeah but I think nobody here listens to them but me here so

alright, edited title to be a bit more accurate