Appears people hate shitposts

all i wanted to demonstrate was a markdown formatting bug

You supposed to put it in the testing category.

Not to offend anyone, but it was technically false-flagged. Your post was meant to show a markdown formatting bug and it can’t be considered as spam (There’s no advertisement).

I saw this topic before it has flagged…
You know what was this?

Title: sfuzgdsufzgdsfg
Description: nothing (literally)
Category: Raw and Random

If this not spam then i am gonna get down into toilet

actually the title was a base32 string

No, it was sudufjsjfusjgndjc.
Please…I dont have time for this and I hope u believe me I dont make screensots from every topic.

Oof, nothing. I missaw this post. Sorry. I mean your another post, but this then nvm.

Yes, I mean that post. That was actually a big spam post without description and a title with random characters

<p><p><p> </p></p></p>

And it has anything in description? Just p tags without values.


that’s what makes it fun

if you compare it to another thread i made that looks similar everyone was saying “amazing post”
now in this instance where its better i get fucked


Corpo parece pouco claro; é uma frase completa?