Apology from MaxTanner724

After i did some horrible things, i got banned and i did not kike that and i am very very very sorry for what i did in the past back then, i’m gonna miss my friends and everyone, please can you unban me, i am really sorry for being edgy :’(

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what did you get banned from

server for escargot nina phoenix

well the staff had their reasons and i think the same as them and support their decision, and you didnt look like to be sorry about it and anyways, banned and after 10 minutes apologies for stuff youve done in the “past” barely a couple of months mabye, thats not how it works, its multiple reasons that lead to this and dont expect replies from escargot staff as they dont use this platform anymore (and me to i dont use it anymore for escargot stuff)
afaik yr not gonna be unbanned but im not a mod so what i said (also all i said ^) is not to be taken as official but instead is just from what i know and what my opinion about what happened (not gonna tell all here obv)

Ban=ban and you never get unbanned unfortunately :man_shrugging:t2:

this isn’t really the place for escargot anymore. there was some fake bullshit drama involving trekie (i assume this is my fault though because I had a big part in it) and escargot migrated to a new forum hosted by nina.

the escargot/Nina community is kind of picky over people. I keep getting hate because I was saying some dumb shit 2 months ago over escargot being taken over by nina while in reality it was a friend(?) of walkingphasers (I hope he’s doing alright) who took the development of escargot over for its future.

I kind of find it sad that the escargot community is now divided and there’s now two sides. the first being messengergeek and the second one being the new escargot/Nina community.

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what makes that drama fake he seems to have proof of his claims and trekie dint debunk any of that

i honestly think the proof was just random now-lost chat histories of me and trekie. i there were some weird shit it but it wasn’t too weird.

i was unbanned

you dont see how much the escargot devs are doing to escargot (mostly anima)


Anima was the “friend of walkingphasers” I was talking about, I had forgotten about his name.

in the other post you said that will never happen again,
yeep banned again, max you never learn, you had many many chances and they gave you so many chances to improve your behaivour.
now dunno if they will ever allow you back after a 2nd ban, :man_shrugging:
(personally i hope they wont)


lmao what happended

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they warned him countless times for the same behaivor again, this time permanently, he said “i promise it will never happen again” it did happen and a tons of times, like 20+ warnings