AOL Patched 6.0 Error

Screenshot_4 I have no idea why this is happening.

The server is off i guess, their website gives a timeout error

Yeah :confused:
I actually surprised @Wildman_Fujiami is releasing AIM 6.0 support. So I tried it, and didn’t work. I hope he’s still working at POL though :frowning:

image the server is up, idk why it wont connect though

IP address up doesn’t mean the site is up too.



same here.

microsoft teams vs zoom

Damn, i kinda wanna try this, didnt realize 6.0 worked yet.
Does wildman know about the server problem?

Any info about the server? I really wanna try out 6.0

At the time I posted this topic the server was down. As of this reply, the server is back up and my problem is resolved.

Gust go to this link and make an account:
Then follow the connecting instructions for your version.

what web browser is that bruh

pale moon, a firefox fork