Anything you don't wanna make a thread of it

post anything you want that you don’t wanna make a thread of it!

Get out of my yard before i get my shotgun


There we go,

Wikipedia and Mediawiki (excluding FANDOM, which haven’t been working since ages, despite running a outdated version of mediawiki, unless if they updated) are no longer supporting IE6 and IE7, so they may look fucked up once they are doing new changes in the apparance.

Oh yeah, just another note, I got this message today, at their 42th Tech News. which you can check it here

Yep, this wasn’t from 2014-ish, This was actually from 2019. what the fuck.

Under normal circumstances I’d say “that’s crazy, who uses those browsers anymore!” but then I saw some of the submissions in the “Share your desktops!” thread.

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Lyrics of the intro i’ll make soon

that’s the Discord logo font, for who want;

(yes i would post that)(this is not spam i would post this seeing what people would think)

awful, I hate it