Anything new about patching?

Hey there! I love using MSN and WLM in 2018. Like a lot of people I’m waiting for WLM 2009/2012. So… Are there updates about them?

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Well finally, we’ve made some headway with WLM 2009. I advise you to read these two threads to be caught up on details:

We hope to get 2009 support finished, and then progress on MSNP21 support (WLM 2011 and 2012). Then the MSN circle will be complete! :smile:

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can i use your server and use the original working login system ( with real credectials to login on wlm 14.x ?

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As I stated in my thread about “The Patchening”, a plan that aims to achieve what you plan to make possible, the problem is that post-XP, Windows uses a DLL named ppcrlconfig that aids MSN in connecting to RST.srf, and that DLL is hard to get cooperating when modified. I haven’t been able to see what happens with RST authentication on XP, as my setup makes it virtually impossible for it to connect to my local HTTPS server, but I assume it should be a piece of cake on there. :stuck_out_tongue: