Anyone knows SOAP and have used phpSoap Server?

I am playing aruond at recreating AppDirectory MSN Service but am struggling to create a SoapServer for it

MSN 7.5 first connects to:

you can read more on that here:

but as opposed to here it does not first connect:

and get its activityID then transmitt it to GetAppEntry

it first requests GetFilteredDataSet2 which is not even in the wsdl
and as GetFilteredDataSet defines it expects xml (MSGRP2P.xml structure) back

for past week I am trying to make the service work but MSN is just not happy and does not trow any error but in fiddler I see that it returns xml
you can read in more detail in here:

so that is why I am asking if anyone knows SOAP and could tell me what I am doing wrong, because something clearly isn’t right

Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regards