Anyone from Portugal remember this

Esse meme nunca acaba

(sim, eu n sou PT, mas to conhecendo um pouco mais de coisas “internacionais”)

I’m very confused.


You’re not from Portugal, that means, you dont know it

nor are you from portugal buddy

i’m confused because i’m wondering why are you making weird no context posts like this.

brazilians also mainly speak portuguese, same with people from portugal


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vague ok.

I used that ok as in a “I dont care”.

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if you don’t care you might as well not reply.


This looks more like something from Brazil.

no, the singing has a very strong accent from Portugal

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And u did this as well so u disagree yourself? Lmao

Well It slightly did look like something from Rede Globo (from Brazil) but I get the point.

I’m Brazilian and i agree seems that old Network or something, but no, it’s not a Brazilian thing, Just a Portuguese thing…