Any NetMeeting servers out there?




there was one at snailscape but its down since idk last year(?)
anuwaus you can make one yourself


Wow Netmeeting! brings back memories!


nice, but i want it to be public aaaaand i cant port forward


you can host it locally :stuck_out_tongue: ooooorrrrr something :stuck_out_tongue:





Host it throught a webhost


The reason why Snailscape isn’t hosting a netmeeting server anymore is because no one was able to do anything with it. Netmeeting is a p2p program and if you don’t forward the list of ports it uses then a directory server serves no purpose other than having a public list of people connected. I did test it with @ohhellothereimtheguy with forwarding both our ports and it still didn’t seem to work for some reason. Maybe it’s worth trying again then maybe it’ll be worth having a public server again.

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