Annnndddd i cant enter on MSN 7.5 (xp)

why does everything fail in xp to me
error code 80048821

and i did type my info correctly…

Try multable times 20 times again and again…

it worked somehow…


and it doesnt work anymore


and again

agagaiaiaiaaigain again

reeeeeeqeu ferjgBERLARG

Just try over and over until it logs in.

What i do is:
1- try 1 time.
+Didn’t work?:
2- press log in
3- after 1.5 seconds*, press Cancell
4- press log in
+Didn’t work?:
-Repeat from step 1

*1.5 seconds because msn usually takes 3 seconds to load for me. So wait half the time it takes to load for you