An response to E-Mail chains/scams

Hello everyone, as you may seen people are doing e-mail (chains, scams, etc…)

and more, that its getting into a problem

I made this post to inform users to DO NOT TRUST EMAILS, The only email you could get from escargot is an password reset email!

Always check who sent the message, and the people sent to, real escargot mails should go to one person only

This post was un-necessary and i didnt know what to put in here but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

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Usually the Escargot email ends in “”, and we could definitely make other emails in that domain for other purposes (like important announcements). that’s a general rule of thumb.

Anyways it hasn’t gotten worse yet, and hopefully it stays that way.

If you view an email with :,, at the end.Dont trust this mail its just a fake

…those are domains used by e-mail providers. So you’re saying that personal emails with those domains are fake too?

Can’t people just use common sense when reading e-mail? :confused:

No im saying that all Escargot,MessengerGeek mail adress that finished by,, are fake

Oh. Just the way you worded the reply made it sound like you were generalizing.

The second wave of mails have been appearing.

It’s the same as the first.

yeah, I’ve recieved it as well. I would personally ignore this email regardless if it’s safe or not. I get that 2009 is exciting, but chain letters is not a recommended way of getting hype.