An explanation on why the old Escargot Discord server got trashed

So while I was away, @Megadeth58 and @yellows111 set up three Discord music bots in the voice channel, and made them all play Clubland on full blast.

Then Megadeth had the brilliant idea of unbanning @Deathlife23’s Discord account from the server and getting him to join the voice chat where the three bots were blasting music, only to see him leave shortly afterwards.

Then that’s where they started spamming the text chat, namely @yellows111 spamming rat emoticons for no other reasons than “haha very funny of me”. It’s been confirmed that the person who gave me that tidbit was referring to another Discord server. Still kinda dumb that Yellows had to insult me for it.

Afterwards, Megadeth saw the “mess” he and Yellows made (a.k.a. three music bots on a voice channel they could’ve easily removed). But instead of actually cleaning it up, he decided “You know what. I’m deleting this.” because he felt that the server wasn’t worth fixing up anymore (over three music bots in a voice channel. Wow!). He did stick to his word, and now that server is gone.

To be frank, I thought that Megadeth wasn’t the best person to man something, but this is just my fears taken to the next level. I think everyone should be thankful that @appledoo is manning the new server.

Regarding his role as an administrator on Escargot Spaces, I will talk this over with @MichaelPower and decide whether he wants Megadeth to stay as the admin (highly doubt it) or if he should be demoted.

OhHelloThereImTheGuy :slight_smile:


and a screenshot i sent ruined some shit for yellows

ill fucking do it to your own sanity

get cursed bitch

I’ve talked to the person who gave me that tidbit of information and they’ve confirmed that they got that confused with a server they own.

Still, you didn’t have to be rude about it. :confused: