An attempt to return to custom messenger development

I’m trying to go back to re-developing one of my abandoned projects supposed to be a 2012 WLM replica using the old protocols that Escargot currently works with.

If anyone know how to get the protocols working with programs, please let me know. I’m kind of a potato when it comes to coding things.


I’ll lean on XMPP for now.

I was trying to do the same thing but in python

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Escargot doesn’t support XMPP, sorry.

It’s just to utilize a basic XMPP server, not on Escargot.

also hi mr finobe pls accep my fren reques

Oh, okay. I thought you meant you were going to make a custom client for Escargot.

Good luck!

also, nein


I’d love a WLM 2012 style XMPP client!

I’m going to go for a transition to Java and then that’s where our first roadblock hits.

Either the JDK wasn’t included in the enviornment tables, or NetBeans is just goofing off. Lovely. :expressionless:


Keep giving us updates :stuck_out_tongue:

I switched to Visual Basic Express 2010. I couldn’t find an XMPP control that works with 2010 so I’m building a proprietary server for now.

More updates to come.

and yet another concept is awoken

if you know and how to implement IRC lmk pls