AleSpeak (formerly known as CatSpeak)


Because @Alessio_Di_Paolo wilm code it (as far as i know)


worst idea ever…the for big project. that IM should be 2000-3000 lines project and that big project will kill the lol. you may switch to C# or C++ for the best optimize and performance


So you think CMR will “break” VB .NET, since it’s being coded in the same language? I’ve only coded the server part of it, and it can handle asynchronous threading of client connections. :wink:

VB .NET <> Classic VB


not exactly break, but a big program doesn’t prepare on a basic language and performance isnt the best either


Well i wanted to split the two projects so i could use PF94chat as a way to learn C#.


VB .NET is based off the .NET Framework, which C# already uses, so it’d be as powerful as it can get.

Classic VB (VB6 etc.) is another story, and yes it’s super basic and trying to make big programs with it can be disastrous. Also no asynchronous support, meaning everything’s tied to one thread, and you either have to resort to DLLs or suffer blocking hell.


well, ill see the “PF94Chat” or “Catspeak” or idk how its gonna be work


The thing is that i joined the developement team after doing the first prototype which was made on with VB. NET. Since i had no resources later versions were based on the early prototype.

However since people on MessengerGeek somehow started to blame me (due to my history of drama on MessengerGeek). It somehow sent a message that i needed to restart the project in C#. So i did that but i wasn’t able to convert the pre-existing code into C# so that fucked everything up…

Since i know it was going to be hard as fuck to develop a actual IM i decided to just turn “PF94chat” into a IRC client.


if the developer of “PF94chat” or “Catspeak” developes in VB.NET then good luck :stuck_out_tongue: but ya nice idea this. I interest this, how is “PF94chat” will work in VB.NET with many things :stuck_out_tongue:


PF94chat is going to be spilt in two. CatSpeak, the VB .NET im, and PF94chat, the C# IRC client


then ill not start make a windows live style IRC chat if theyre working on it


PF94chat will be wlm 2009 styled.


i hope it is not a fake project…


IMO you have destroyed what you had going before it even started, there won’t be any interest in it now because of this thread.


I can help with the development of the server


On the “CatSpeak” side of things. Alessio gave a developement photo of the new catspeak…

There’s issues.

  1. It’s made on Visual Basic 2010 Express, meaning that i and the entire developement is required to downgreade to 2010.
  2. The UI is a downgrade from the original CatSpeak prototype.


  1. It might be called CatSpeak. But it recently got renamed into “AleSpeak”. Also admins, I’ve renamed the title because of that change so…


Now i use Visual Studio* 2017 and C#


AleSpeak website


how much did that domain cost? and where did you get it?


0,99 dollars , 000webhost (yeah…)