AleSpeak (formerly known as CatSpeak)


i knew this thing wouldn’t last very long


It’s hard to code full stop. You have to know the language pretty well. You can’t judt pluck up code in couple days. Coding apps can take years to get right!

I’m actually surprised Escargot allows this to be fair. This takes users away from the main project. If anything people should be coding for Escargot.


fucking toldjaso

also you hardly developed shit, seeing as you only had a week or so to code basic presence for the program shows that this indeed reinforces the laziness mentioned in that first reply.


did this thread really just become some generic drama thread


There is no reason really to speak about it now if there is no continuation of it.



Sorry for all of the bullshit that happend. I was extremely over reacting of the “hate” that happend.


wow, that’s really self-important. but at least there isn’t bitchfitting sooooo


I come into Discord but left promptly after all of the bitching. If you or anyone else wants to develop something try doing it with some structure to it. If you are learning code or anyone else learning I understand from this point of view but be professional about it. :slight_smile:

As I said I am actually surprised Escargot allows such threads / posts on here when they are trying to develop their side too.


@TReKiE owns the forum

escargot is by a user named ‘valtron’, joined in April 12, 2017


Also MessengerGeek was made way before Escargot was a thing. Circa 2014.


wow messy :smile: I get it now. That’s cool.


(post not withdrawn by author, will be not deleted in 24 hours)

Yeah i do remember visiting MessengerGeek years ago.


Sorry for all of that we just rebranded to “PF94chat” to avoid confusion with the slightly better “CatMessenger Reborn” its not dead,Sorry for all lie guys :pensive:


And i add: The Project Nearly Died because of faking the death


I had to rename the repository on Github and that fucked the resources file that holded every assets so that PF94chat could use.


OK there’s some fucking issues on developing PF94chat.

It seems the other people on the developement team just want a full MSN clone when i know that there was no work on the fucking server.

I wanted to do a IRC client because it was going to be more simpler. But nope. they want a MSN clone with everything. and some of these are just hard to develop.


why not make it yourself?


Nah we already changed to an irc client


There’s going to be two projects…

Catspeak and PF94chat. They’ll now be seperated.

The new CatSpeak will use the older VB.NET codebase and will be a Instant Messenger client while PF94chat will use the newer C# codebase and will be a IRC client.


VB.NET? why the hell