AleSpeak (formerly known as CatSpeak)




You’re missing the r in “crappa”.


Done (x2) :blush:


OK but seriously that’s not his name. It was just that the C before “rapa” made me think you were trying to say “Gamecrappa”. Unless you weren’t trying to say that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was trying to say his name :blush:


Ah. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s “Gamerappa” then.


So people are now going to see down here so i will left this here

And maybe this is true


Fun Fact: During the shitty bob pony vs gamerappa drama that happend 2 and a half years ago. the bob pony community would call me “Gamecrappa”.


Day 3 (more details): The project had to move from VB.NET to C# since there were no good quality code for the “nudge” feature called wizz. The server should have 99.8% yearly uptime.


who cares i dont


i no longer care about the bpc drama shit as well

also a note for the developement team: please don’t make new threads if you need help on catspeak.


Stop use CatSpeak has a meme pls… CatSpeak is in no way related to CatMessenger!


I’m cancelling CatSpeak because it’s so fu****** hard to develop it. Long live Escargot!


is this that trolling you said on the catspeak discord server?


Do i have to seriously say this again?

Well i know that he really cancelled catspeak because it’s a pain in the fucking ass to develop.

like switching from to c#. that required everything to be thrown in the trash
other than the stolen resources folder where 80% of it comes from versions of MSN.


hmm interesting


It did le ded even thought he said “Its not will die in 2 months”.

What the fuck?


Appears to be a reality. It died.