AleSpeak (formerly known as CatSpeak)


Hi there is has someone can code and shelter a server for code the server of CatSpeak if yes pls DM me


i can host the website if you want


you can make the site too ? (if you dont want i understand)


The site is currently hosting on 000webhost which i find it a bit meh.


yes i hate this site is just for catspeak news


Updates on CatSpeak…


About Day 2 on CatSpeak’s development.

Well i worked on most of the stuff like dumping MSN 2.2’s assets and more stuff. But really the theme of this day was “redesign” and “emoticons”.

Also organized a lot of stuff.


I got a icon whatya do think?


We have already introduced our branding on CatSpeak.


There is anything that i can help? I can help with html code.


It isn’t HTML code. It’s entirely Visual Basic (for the time being) and we’re doing a UI for the app. That’s why everything feels so incomplete.

And yeah you can join the CatSpeak discord at


will this program be xp compatible? :stuck_out_tongue:


XP is pretty fast in a virtual machine. I was testing it last night with 4.7. Sorry if I kept going offline and online to some people but needs must lol.

Everyone will want something different so the best thing to do is get some ideas, collect them together and build around that.


It should be. I’ve decided to downgrade the required framework for CatSpeak to .net 4.0,



CatSpeak now has a (better) website! Here it is


That’s a long URL. :grinning: Site takes too long to load.


Update: We’re going to abandon VB.NET and switch to c#


Everyone who wants to help us get on the discord becaude we changed toC#


About Day 3 on CatSpeak’s development.

As i started to focus on this work i noticed that the Github didn’t work, the thing was we have changed Github address because the old one was anihilated by Gamerappa. And we had a Good time choosing the host of the server and now im proud to present that we are going to the server phase, The only thing is we changed from VB.NET to C# and we had to remake the gui.

Correct me Gamerappa if somethings off or i didnt say something

And yes, maybe its confirmed that this gonna be a real project and we alredy got some chatting on the app

What now HUH?


Gamecrappa? :stuck_out_tongue: