AleSpeak (formerly known as CatSpeak)


looks like lighten down msn but ok


I don’t want to use the “2000s flashy attractive” look since it’s too hard.


is the server counterpart on? or it just uses msn’s dlls and shit to connect to escargot and make any contact there?


It’s a concept art.


I will not use the escargot server ! i will create a server the server of CatSpeak !



Ok. Connect Screen concept changed.


Perfect man ! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have opened a github repository for the concept


Cool !!!


I have download the project !


let’s move our developement discusiion to dms alright?


uhhh okay


Ok i made a dm message. do you see it on notfications?


Who IRC display pictures is better

  • Gamerappa display picture IRC
  • Alessio display picture IRC

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The first photo, but it needs more brightness.



Just reverted the gradients. It’s now bright and now has been added to our CatSpeak github repostiory.


About CatSpeak Developement,

Well nothing hasen’t advanced in the prototype. It’s more in the resources.

In Display Pics, We got a Green MSN and a Blue MSN from the prototype of earlier, A unused Orange MSN that was originally planned to be “Blue MSN”, We have a brawl render of Kirby then we have a Pikachu gif from Alessio’s older project.

Branding Wise, It’s the WLM 2009 logo.

Update 1:

Just added the wlm 2009 graphics for convience.

About everything else…

Contacts List got slightly updated and the messaging window adopted MSN’s disclaimer to not share credit cards/password/etc. Logon screen now uses CatSpeak’s logo.


CatSpeak have a discord server now ! :


Update 2: Veselcraft has joined our development team! :smile: