AleSpeak (formerly known as CatSpeak)




That was just a powerpoint


yea but i try to make the same in C#


but do you even know C#


not too much I’m studying online for Visual Studio


oh, again fake project? or it’s be usable?


i think this is fake project.


No its not a fake project.


I make what for final ?

  • A MSN Server
  • My own chat app

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For the moment MSN Server win ! (i know how to code a server too)


A yooco social network for my project CatSpeak pls join


Will it be like Azure where most screenshots were ethier fake Visual Studio screenshots or concept arts?

If not, it would be interesting to see a new WLM client made for escargot.

Since most other 3rd party clients like Trillan haven’t enjoyed Escargot too much.


Hi, thanks for your interest for the screenshot is PowerPoint and photoshop but I try to make the same on C#


If you want to make a concept for CatSpeak you can


Then good luck for that. You can make this IM with msnp engine.


msnp is a protocol not an engine




I’m starting on work on the concept.

It’s going to be open source


I’ve started working on it about a hour ago and i tried to make a clean simple design. It’s not photoshop’d or paint .net’d, It’s made on Visual Studio Community 2019 RC.



thats good !