AleSpeak (formerly known as CatSpeak)


it’s not going to be the sswag incident all over again… Just that AleSpeak will be unoriginal since it was already based on someone else’s source.

People would be dissappointed since the project is extremely different from what my prototypes shows.

Building a messaging client is not like doing a project on Scratch, it requires knowledge and time.


don’t be so selfish, let the guy do his stuff, veselcraft messenger is open source so he’s open to use that source code if he wants to


why can’t this die already?


ITS NOT WILL DIE ! (Okay???)


Dear Alessio. Make your AleSpeak code open source. So everyone else on the developement team can work at it.

The project is. everybody else guessed it. dying.

I just took a break from working on CatSpeak because nobody on the devleopement team doesn’t, give, any, single fuck about CatSpeak and i’m starting to don’t give a fuck as well.

The community of MessengerGeek has mixed reviews for CatSpeak.


And i’m guessing it’s going to be worse each day.

I find the idea of CatSpeak to be pointless. Because it’s just a basic messaging client.

So why am i working on this? Like back when we used VB. NET we were just using the OG prototype. Then some days after i switched to C#. CatSpeak spiltted into two. PF94chat, a IRC client that’s never going to be worked on again. and AleSpeak, A generic rebranding of Veselcraft Messenger.

I fell like this project isn’t moving forward.


are you fucking shitting me


Yeah it’s because I have to change the design (because I use VC Messenger source code)


Also AleSpeak isn’t even completed yet.


An idea… As I see you’re at the beginning and you moved to C#. You should move to .Net Core for Multiplatform… Windows, Linux, Mac in same language.


well the rest of the developement team are kids that don’t understand how c# and .net core works.


Not like your a kid too :stuck_out_tongue:


both of ya are kids lol


arent we all kids? :blush:


Hey Stop it! If he is a kid then what? He same man just like everyone.

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i wasn’t saying being a kid was bad, i was just pointing out kids calling kids kids


I thought it was more of “edgy kids calling kids calling kids kids idiots”




gamerappa was forced to left the group because of alessio


Gumball and He Were making drama, this is a temporal ban only we banned gumball and him


Gumball Pranks was never banned. I’ve heard that i and @mdstumpfy123 (Memes) were banned.

Also i don’t think i’ll even be unbanned lol :clap: nice lies