Alejandro Strikes Back


By abusing Escargot’s GitLab issue tracker as his MessengerGeek alternative, which would then result in @TReKiE closing and unlisting his “posts”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who knew he’d be this desperate? :stuck_out_tongue:


oh my god,this made me laugh for some reason


What in the




He got bad. Really, really bad.


“bob esponja”?
he gone nuts
i mean, at least make a new account ffs


Watch out if he posts malware/scam (or bad stuff) he should be banned from GitHub


He’s always like that with EVERYONE, i think he makes it in purpose because he’s a troll :expressionless:


It’s GitLab, not GitHub! Correct yourself, kid!


Do i care?


I do. :stuck_out_tongue: lel