After fixing MSN 7.5

So… After fixing MSN 7.5 I need your help to configure voice calls with my friends… So… What kind of configuration i need to have voice calls work?

Voice and Video chat are not working yet. Just in Local network.

Video can work outside of LAN if you port forward TCP and UDP port 5004, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact ports voice services used, so that only works in LAN environments for the time being.

Oh look at that… There’s a preset for MSN… Should I use this?

Perhaps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you analyze the ports with a firewall application and then try sending a voice call to someone and see what port it uses when it tries :confused:? IDK if that’d work, but I feel like it could possibly. Tell me what happens if you try. I might try aswell, but i have no friends at the moment on messenger, beside someone who randomly added me, don’t know who he is.

Thats interesting because Ive forwarded it and still not working.