After all, when WLM 2009 will finally be released?

WLM 2009 was about to be released on the late 2018 and early 2019! we are almost in late 2020 and nothing of WLM 2009! What happened and why it’s taking so long??

Honestly its starting to feel like its not gonna come out, im pretty certain were not gonna get it this year.

Glad you asked.

Here we go again

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Probably soon but who know?

L O O K S, L I K E, T H E, D E V L O P M E N T, H A S, B E E N, C A N C E L L E D

Not really.

No, there isn’t any definitive date for the launch, stop begging.

He just thought it was cancelled, he wasn’t begging. :\

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Didn’t mean just now, and i meant it in general

its up to valtron to do the stuff

But the question is,valtron is gonna do it?. :confused:

It depends. Just please be patient until it comes out.

Ok,we’ll see