After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


your patcher


i said 99% it won’t work cause WLM2009 doesn’t support escargot


i know
i wanted to say that the error changed


pass me the installer link of that windows live messenger plis in Spanish



I already downloaded that but it has no uninstaller


access the control panel


and I do not work windows live essentials offline


I already did it but I can not find the uninstaller


delete by archives


try this


also there was no effect that to erase by files I had to restore the system to a previous point


do you have Microsoft Visual Studio RunTime for windows 7? I think that will be the problem


no :frowning:


someone who has microsoft visual studio runtime ???


visual studio runtime is Visual C++ :slight_smile: just download it from web.


you need your own copy of an escargot msn server from source to use wlm 2009 since the stability for MSNP18 is not currently finished.

consult the from the feature/wlm2009 branch of the source for information on how to run a server.


You can teach me, how to get windows live messenger 2009 working to me, idk(i don’t know) how to make this working to me!


You should just wait for the prepatched version.


oh my god, i can’t wait too much time!? HELP ME GUYS!!!