After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


who needs a release date


I have a suggestion: don’t limit yourself.
just don’t even think about time
time doesn’t matter
fuck it


i’ll use 2009 when it gets support


I’ve pushed a new branch onto the Escargot repository named feature/wlm2009 where all of the WLM 2009-related support will be added into until it’s considered finished. Have a look, and maybe even download it to test the messaging features of 2009 and get a little of that nostalgic feeling back. :wink:


does that badges work on wlm 16.x also?


as if 2012 changed anything good.


I downloaded the features 2009 thing. I don’t know how to use it, though.


it’s not that hard:
3 and a half pythons
a box
a ethernet cable
quantum reactor
magical portal to the internet
git access
a mouse
a keyboard
a display device
a ethernet port/nic
text editor
oh and a command line :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, I’ve got em all.


then whats the first error you get?


i don’t know how to use them, so i’d get the 80072ee7 error (we can’t connect you)


the other error?
from the command line?


There were only two (or if you consider it as one) feature why I liked WLM 2011/12. It was the photo gallery and the embedded videos. I mean when you inserted a youtube url, then you could play the video next to converstaion windows at the same place as shared photo gallery without opening/switching web browser tab.


wasn’t it in WLM 2009 Too ? since i saw CraftPlacer’s WLM 2009 Progress and saw that Photo-Sharing thing…


Who cares about voice chat, just use MSN/Live Mesenger and have fun


I don’t remember if it was in WLM 2009.




Omg your alive after so many years :stuck_out_tongue: