After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


Or it is too dificult?


There used to be official documentation up on MSDN, but it seems to have been removed.


Ohh. I wanna my best for help but it seems to hard to get developing information of wlm.


The feeling when Microsoft destroys all good. But now github coming.


dont even get me started on the current apps, ActiveX File Sharing crashed 8.x

and they did take down the activity api, rip aapi.


I don’t own the server, it’s still basically Escargot.


Thanks for your explanation :slight_smile: As I’ve said before, since I have my emu with full 2009 support, if I can help you with anything, please tell me :wink:


And my last questions, @OhHelloThereImTheGuy .
In wlm 2009 will work the voice chat and video chat? That is important to work of msn life :smile: And what kind of data collection if i can ask?

ps. thanks for your whole works for revive our favourite program for free. youre best :wink:


MSN voice and video chat still don’t work due to networking issues, which I assume is firewall-based, but as for data collection, it’s still the same old CVR with the same old parameters. :slight_smile:

Hehe. Pleasure to help speed the process of reviving your classic messengers. :stuck_out_tongue:


If we can help for u please tell us and we’ll working on it :slight_smile:


why does anyone think video conversions don’t work?

last time I checked they worked only if it isn’t localhost to localhost


But in WAN not working.


Where can I get an usable WLM 2009 version? by escargot server…


You cant right now


Unfortunately, that is still being developed on, but rest assured, it should be on Escargot’s GitLab under the dev branch when it’s at a usable state.


when it will be available?


The voice chat sill not work


We don’t know that, but since @OhHelloThereImTheGuy published that we’re closer to WLM 2009, i don’t think that will take long time :wink:




where i can find the discord server