After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


I know this could sound idiotic, but I tried running WLM 2009 after running Escargot’s msidcrl.dll file and it’s error code 80072ee7.


i’m getting different errors on @Craftplacer’s server.


note to all:
80072ee7 = Service could not be Found.


80048820 incase you want to know

disabling firewall or antivirus did nothing, infact, craft told me it was nothing on my side, i was actually connecting to the server, he doesn’t know why this happens

craft’s server does not need patching, but an edit to the hosts file will do it.

Sooo, basically, no edits to messenger, but to the hosts file.


Alright so I guess that DLL file probably didn’t work.


the best thing would be this :stuck_out_tongue:



Best thing would be WLM 16 be supported




It may be a certificate issue and your client can’t make https requests to his server


true! / igaz!


Beszélhetnénk msn-en!


I wonder what the “contacts platform” is that makes WLM 2009 installs standalone work.

As for:

I am fully aware of that, and me and @valtron plan to find the root of the problem and apply the necessary fixes to make it compatible with WLM 2009.


Sorry, I didn’t remember the name :stuck_out_tongue: It’s “Windows Live Communications Platform” ( I faced the same problem and I made it login installing one of those contacts.msi. Anyways, it’s better to use the offline installer. Regarding the DLL, I guess that you wanted to avoid having to deal with the annoying “ppcrlconfig” which gives the login URL (Yeah, I know it’s a pain in the ass :stuck_out_tongue:) , but, why don’t just patch the URL on the fly with a trainer instead of rewriting the dll functions?



8.5 and 2009, are the best versions of the old MSN messenger.


Link to FULL offline installers: (Eng and spanish)!AvJubNPN10RlkxkrLhk6ebdIwDvM


My favourite is WLM 14 and 16 :stuck_out_tongue: I think these versions are best. 16 because the feed :stuck_out_tongue:


Now i see where wlcomm.exe comes from. Now it should be easy for @valtron to supply patched versions of the installer rather than get users to either patch it themselves, use a program to automate the patching, or supply the separate files users have to replace. :smile:

If you’re not in the know, I have plans for that with one of my projects,“The Patchening” (stupid name, I know :stuck_out_tongue:), but when I did try patching that, with MSN 7.5 as my testing version, it wouldn’t even login when told to, so I went with XP for the time being, since that doesn’t use the ppcrlconfig DLL and instead queries the SRF. I also may have miscalculated certain things with initial testing, so I’ll setup everything properly when I can make some actual progress. :stuck_out_tongue:

And we did utilize Detours-style patching at one point, with our program “MSN Switcher”, but I guess @valtron wanted to uninvolve separate programs doing the patching work later on in Escargot’s life, and instead supply pre-patched versions along with manual patching instructions to make setup less bulky, in a way.


@OhHelloThereImTheGuy Will have games on WLM 2009? or it is a secret? :stuck_out_tongue:


Possibly not, as those use completely separate services we’ve looked into already. And we’ve only gotten one game “finished” (Tic-Tac-Toe). I put "finished’ in quotes because it required a few graphical assets to be recreated, and those aren’t the best, from what I’ve seen.


Yep, with the games we have serious troubles…


Can u put a description/book of a wlm game making? I wanna try it with my developing knowledge.