After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


'09 crashes when you run it though.



One, it crashes after it logs in successfully, and two, at least it’s a sign of progress, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Others have either installed the MSI for WLM 2009 only and assumed that there was some mystical bug in it that couldn’t be solved that prevented it from connecting to servers or hit a roadblock during authentication.


atleast it does login in that sense.


What do you mean by “Crash” ?

Stopped working ? or Crashed by closing itself ?


Crash as in it hangs and ultimately gets Windows to intervene.




WLM has got the bends, oh no.


Well done :slight_smile:


Finally XD

WLM14/2009 connects to local server. HYPE!

My What-Currently-Works-In-WLM14-Check-List:

:white_check_mark: Connecting and sharing profile information
:white_check_mark: Chatting
:question: Proper contact adding (it’s buggy)

this post gets updated with my current progress with WLM14

WLM14/2009 connects to local server. HYPE!


So one, @Craftplacer gets the gold medal for getting WLM 2009 past authentication and to the contact list! :stuck_out_tongue:

Two, I’ve been able to reproduce the same exact results with HOSTS entries of and, since they don’t exist in the main program’s executable itself anymore, and I plan to get proper solutions for patching those services developed soon, and I think I know where to look… :stuck_out_tongue:


rant rant war war


So I faced a problem. Accounts apparently can “die”. If you try to connect to them WLM errors out again.


When can we expect a pre-patched version of WLM 2009?


August-September i think.


Fantastic work, I look forward to the best version of the messenger soon :stuck_out_tongue:
I encourage your work :muscle:


Damn, that’s gonna be a fun day.


Hello, I’m new here! I’ve been working on my own MSN emulator for the last 2 months and I made MSN 2009 work about one month ago. One of the problems that you had is that you were using the MSI version, which doesn’t install the contacts platform. Also, your patched dll seems to give problems too :stuck_out_tongue:. My solution to log to my server with MSN 2009 was to patch the login url in memory (yeah, a trainer) and emulate the RST2 soap response.
Here is a video of the emulator in action:
I dont know too much Python, but if I can help with anything (a log from the server with working MNSP18 commands perhaps :stuck_out_tongue:) , please tell me.


Is fantastic job! Please join all the people to work together and that escargot messenger 2009 is a reality soon


Dear @Cuki87 with your msn emulator we can make wlm2009 work sooner on escargot :smile: