After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


I second this. I think it would be a good way to keep people in the know without having to re-explain things so much.

(Although I don’t remember if you have the permissions to do that, hm…)


Have to ask @TReKiE to get a thread like that pinned. And to get the sufficient permissions to be able to edit it without the permissions being removed after a while.


Why is Escargot’s source code on GitLab not GitHub?

Yes i know they’re similar because they both use Git tech.


After discussing with @Raymonf and @valtron, we’re looking into a more simpler way to patch WLM 2009. It involves getting msidcrl40 to load another DLL that will override the authentication function, and we’ll see how that method ends up.


MS will take down the source code if it’s on GitHub.


It’s more of a personal preference. @valtron prefers GitLab over GitHub.

And I can tell you @icanttellyou that we used MSNP documentation from clean room design sources and Microsoft’s own IETF for MSNP2, so there’d be little to no chances in Microsoft taking down the project, GitHub or not.


only if it was a source code leak of a closed source software like Windows.


Ebuddy was freat, but I guess the devs have other fish to fry, lol


For MSN, eBuddy uses the XMPP proxy, which the developers have no interest in implementing at the moment. The same might apply to the Yahoo! and AIM support. If we have time, we’ll look into eBuddy later.


How about the earlier 14.0.3921.717 beta? I haven’t saw a single screenshot of anyone using that beta for chatting. it’s just login screens.


News has came from @valtron that he got a proof of concept of his import table patch to work on MSN with a test DLL. This looks promising. :slight_smile:


Title: After a year of being puzzled we ve finally got the 2009 wlm problem solved!

One year later

We still dont have 2009


You do realize valtron might be in the process of patching it as he found another method of doing it. Right? You complaining that we still don’t have WLM 2009 isn’t going to make it come out quicker.


I mean, that method is clever and genius, but will it gonna work?


Wait what, so we can manually patch now or is he only trying?


@valtron hasn’t released an official patch using this method yet. He just got a proof of concept working with a test DLL. Only time will tell when he codes an official patch. :stuck_out_tongue:


you can get a program like Resource Hacker to modify resources of DLLs, not sure you can get anything done with the msidcrl40 DLL though.


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That was a month ago, and I’ve yet to hear from him about testing Escargot with WLM 2009. He’ll most likely do it after he gets his new patch off the ground.