After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


Yooo-hoo! Hooray!


On what?


And maybe I will stay with my MSN 7.5 (L)


Could you elaborate on your plans for IRC, Discord and XMPP? Would this make it possible for a Discord bot to communicate via Escargot with other messengers supported by Escargot?


For IRC, we plan to support public chats and possibly let them interface with other frontends that support multi-user chats. Same deal with Discord, except that instead of a bot acting as a gateway between our service and Discord, it’ll act as a completely different Discord server, with its own group chats and whatnot.

As for XMPP, it’d just be another way to access your contact list and send private messages, but we could expand on that as XMPP is extensible.


but, some idea how change server architecture


That sounds good to me, I hope you’ll suceed in that as it’d change Escargot from a fun novelty to an actually useful tool for me.:stuck_out_tongue:


and a competitor to discord?

maybe not idk lol


XMPP would be great for expanding the list of mobile applications.


Looks like there’s quite a few XMPP clients for mobile. I guess that’d alleviate the whole issue of not being able to use MSN on mobile. :stuck_out_tongue:


Exact. The only app we have has a lot of bugs.

It would be interesting to have an app to get exposed on the Escargot page, more stable and more “official”.


I’m excited, i really miss WLM 2009


Hi i have make a WLM 2009 Local Server i want to know how to migrate my 2009 server to 2011/12 local server without starting all over again


Any live news?


it will be a great idea to start support reviving the ebuddy app. this app was the best in all the generation, and can handle YMSG, MSN,AIM.


that would be cool


I remember using this app a lot


So how is this patch working so far? Is it progressing? Is there some way to track its progress (a GitHub issue, perhaps?) I’m asking because due to my screen reader and WLM 8 not getting along with voice messages, I can’t play anything but the last one, and this issue was solved later (I don’t know why). Thanks, and thanks for this nostalgic client (anyone else hates skype for absence of voice messages and nudges?)


As I stated before, support for the protocol WLM 2009 uses (MSNP18) and MSNP16 is complete, but proper patching for WLM 2009 itself isn’t due to a conflict that requires reverse engineering knowledge the currently active members don’t have to fix it. We have one member who used to help us with this sort of stuff, but they’ve gone silent for the past months with no explanation as to why. Unfortunately, the 9.0 and 2009 betas have the exact same issue with patching, meaning we can’t release support for MSNP16 - MSNP18 at all

Coincidentally, the patching problem WLM 2009 faces is the same one 2011 and 2012 have. This meant I could get full MSNP21 support coded in for the time being, which makes sense as when we resolve the patching issue, we can provide patches for WLM 2009, 2011, and 2012 simultaniously along with the protocol updates. MSNP21 support at the moment is incomplete, with presence working and contact adds half-complete. Statuses haven’t been supported yet as WLM 2011/2012 use an API to set them now, and display pictures not sure if those have changed yet. Messaging does not work right now as MSNP21 uses the notification server to send those via a switchboard gateway, which hasn’t been implemented yet. Multiparties are the same deal, plus the added fact that those are relay accounts handled by the server, which complicates things further. Social stuff definitely won’t be implemented as Escargot would have to make that a global offering due to its new goals of offering several chat services under one global frontend, and it’d be unnecessary in the long run.

As for tracking progress, you can observe the project on its GitLab repository. There is an issues section, but it’s been quiet there for a while, and the currently relevant issues are for developers only. Who knows if that’ll change though. :fox_face:


@OhHelloThereImTheGuy thank you for your patience, and for the constant and updated reports. I think you have to make a pinned topic with no replies. And write the actual progress and issues there. So you don’t have to explain things over and over again, as I’m seeing, because there are some people who isn’t following this topic. So with one simple topic, maybe called “WLM 2009 progress” with only one message, people click there and BOOM! everything they need to know is there, updated by you, when there is any new progress.