After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


Oh yeah it’s real :stuck_out_tongue:


Support for new frontends, supplying tweaks and fixes to existing frontends (MSN’s not being an exception), improving the compatibility layer between frontends (supporting frontend-specific features for other frontends, for example), federating the server into several instances, with the core being its own server (this is being thought upon as a next step after we release WLM 2009, Yahoo!, and IRC support), and probably more to come. Specific frontends being planned for development are AIM, a chat frontend supporting predefined and user-created chats that can be interfaced by other frontends (Yahoo! Chat being one frontend planned to interface with this frontend), a WebSocket frontend, and ICQ. We’re also considering support for Telegram, Discord, and XMPP. The possibilities are endless at this point, and Escargot will most likely never run out of frontends and chat platforms. If we ever do, at least there’d be a vast library of frontends to choose from. :stuck_out_tongue:


and support from other apps like those old early-2000s app that made you able to talk with people from aim, yahoo and msn at the same time?


Most of those multi-messengers shouldn’t have a problem connecting to our service, although some do take their own interpretations of the data sent from the server that might affect their use.


I’m testing Trillan 0.73 rn. There seems to be no server config so hosts should do it’s job.

Although i have to know what’s the name of the original server from that registry value.


WLM 2011 authenticates i guess



Took me a while to get WLM 2011 to login and receive presence, and it looks like new already.

Presence is a bit wonky on the server-side and client-side (client takes forever to send a presence command, while the server doesn’t want to send a user’s presence to other people for some reason), status messages aren’t sent through for some reason, contact management will have to be reviewed, and messaging hasn’t even been started on yet. Regardless, we’re getting close to closing off that MSN circle. Not in the way I wanted it to (I’d prefer WLM 2009 coming out, then continue work on MSNP21), but it’s something.


Wait you’re still working on the circles? I thought almost 150 replies ago you said this.


how do you not


By circle I mean a figurative circle of supported MSN clients. I’m not dealing with Groups until I get insider knowledge on how invites were handled.


There’s some stuff that ain’t impletmented properly even in some old versions. 8.x’s sharing folders doesn’t even work at all.


Got the basic MSNP21 support committed to the master branch. Should help with the development of WLM 2011 and 2012 support.


yes yes yes yes yes


“After a year of being puzzled, We’ve finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved and we’re also starting work on WLM 2011/2012!”


About mercury. I believe that the application already be prepared to MSNP21 since December 2017 because it connect in MSNP21 with basic changes that Tristan had sent and upload contacts. The RST and SOAP urls should be the same as MSNP15.

I still try to understand why it stopped working with MSNP11.


By basic MSNP21 support I mean enough that MSNP21 clients can retrieve the contact list and support presence. Before, you could just login but you couldn’t send or receive presence to the server, meaning you and your contacts would appear offline.

PassportURLs isn’t Passporturls, I suppose? :thinking:


Can be it.

At some point it worked perfectly on MSNP11. It stopped working when Escargot had that first blackout on the server. Once server came back online, the app did not want to log in. I remember changing to “Passporturls”. I’ll try to take a quick look around here.


wow, but you are connecting to own server or how work it?, nice work :sonreír:


So… can we get prepared? :stuck_out_tongue: :eyes:


i think it’s safe to say YES!