After a year of being puzzled, we've finally got the WLM 2009 problem solved!


Sorry, what MPoP means?


Multiple points of presence. Pretty much means you can use one account on multiple systems.


The WLM 2009 betas didn’t need much work for them to connect to Escargot without any problems. For some reason, this is where MSNP17 is treated as its own protocol, so I had to do some more tweaks for the server to accommodate. Now those betas can login and send messages. I even did a test chat with two dummy users:

I also made fixes for signature sounds to work, which work perfectly.

Unfortunately, it seems that these betas have the same issue as the final version of the client, too, as the build I used to test, 14.0.3921.717, didn’t work with the Escargot-supplied msidcrl. This might mean that other beta builds won’t work with our current patches, which is a shame really.


The next build I tested, 14.0.5207.0908, uses the MSNP18 protocol the final WLM 2009 client uses, and also looks pretty sleek.

Ironically, like the final WLM 2009 client, they both share the same issues when patched lol.


If WLM 2009 support gets released i’ll probably use the later 14.0 beta with some modified assets, if it works with Messenger Plus Live.

Seems that the default animated display pics were designed on the 8.x characters, the ones that the mentioned beta used.


Bit of a stupid question, and you’ve probably already tried this, but… What if you manually modified msidcrl?


msidcrl is complied and there’s like no way to uncomplie it.


Since WLM 2009’s going nowhere right now, I thought implementing MSNP21 would be interesting to look into. Unfortunately, it’s situation is much worse than WLM 2009’s, custom DLLs aside. Whenever it tries to authenticate to Escargot’s RST service, it fails instantly, and Fiddler doesn’t seem to pick up anything this time. It might be that Microsoft got a bit more sneaky with the authentication process, but who knows.

¿Alguna novedad sobre WLM09?

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trolls methinks


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Clearly trolls, The other day, possibly like last yearish or so, Someone was able to fake a messenger client to be WLM 2011 (15?)


naw, wasn’t a troll; mercury messenger could connect, but you couldn’t message or see your contacts.

nojus used this to “”""""“max”"""" trolling effect.

also you’re thinking raymonf with banana


Yeah i saw the raymonf post. I heard that his “webclient” used a MSNP version from like Messenger 5.0?


Shouldn’t a hex editor work? It works for patching the .exe (atleast in previous versions)


That’s for patching strings. When it comes to replacing program functions or more complex data, like structs, that’s when reverse engineering has to come into play. This is where the problem WLM 2009 and our msidcrl DLL falls into.


And i’m guessing the hosts way is not very beginner friendly.


Also it can conflict with other programs or services. The URL having to be added to HOSTS for MSN to be able to login is a good example of this, especially since all of Microsoft’s services and applications still use that URL, two being and Windows 10’s Mail app.


If i type a wrong password on Windows 8.1 with set on localhost (for the wlm 2009 server from that tutorial), it says that “your pc is offline”.

If it didn’t had that, then it would say “your password is incorrect”.

It appears that the host way doesn’t work on the famous 2009 betas, always gave me a 80004002 error


I was wrong, these stuff still exists.


(handmade msn server btw)


this 2009 version, is working???